Labelbox September 2018 Updates

Artificial Intelligence Sep 30, 2018

Introducing best-in-class image annotation tools for computer vision applications

September brought many new features and updates to Labelbox. But most notable is that the image annotation interface has undergone a massive upgrade.

Fast & Intuitive Interface Configuration

We’ve added a much simpler way for you to customize the image labeling interface. Introducing the Form-based Interface Configuration Tool. With this new interface configurator, you can easily set up your labeling task using all of the available segmentation & classification tools using an intuitive web form instead of coding JSON. Still prefer the JSON? It’s available by switching the configuration screen from ‘FORM’ to ‘JSON’ at the top.

Annotate images with pixel level accuracy

Sometimes you need pixel perfect annotations. Labelbox now offers advanced pixel-wise annotation tools, including a blazing fast (and browser side!) superpixel tool. Also available are the complimentary brush and eraser tools. Empower your annotation team with Labelbox’s best-in-class pixel-wise annotation toolkit.


A pixel accurate brush tool is also available for use. Its mechanics are consistent with most digital brush tools available in creativity software today. The brush tool is often used to do final touch-up after using the superpixel tool.


For many pixel level annotation tasks, the goal is to label a homogenous grouping (or groups) of pixels. An example of this is detecting clouds in satellite imagery. For these tasks, the superpixel tool is often an extremely efficient method for annotation. Superpixels are computed groupings of pixels, and in the case of Labelbox are computed in the browser so that you can use this tool seamlessly on your private data. For optimal performance of superpixel, we recommend using the Google Chrome Browser.


The eraser tool removes the assigned class from the pixels it is applied to.

Bounding boxes, polygons, lines, points and nested classifications

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