Labelboxer Spotlight: Dallas Inman, Product Manager

Dallas has been at Labelbox for just over a year. He originally joined the company as a Solutions Engineer, but has since transitioned to a Product Manager role. Outside of work, Dallas loves playing golf and trying new craft beers with his friends and family. On September 10th, he will be participating in the Arizona Breathe Easy Golf Classic to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as part of a Labelbox sponsored team.

Tell us a little about your career so far.

One of my first jobs out of college was at a produce management company, where we built online portals for restaurants. I found that there were big discrepancies in billing, and offered to lead a project to consolidate bills and send just one to each restaurant. I didn’t really know what product management was at that time; I just knew that I wanted to help build this solution that would provide a lot of value to our customers.

I then worked at a startup called Digital Reasoning in Nashville as a Product Manager on a Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool. It was like a crash course in data science, as well as an introduction to product management. I realized that I love building things and solving interesting problems, especially when working with a great team.

Later, I moved to the Bay Area — I had always wanted to move there and work in startups. I started a job at Samsara and worked in R&D on Cloud and IOT connected devices, and this is where I started working in computer and machine vision. I worked closely with the product team there and really got a sense of how a business is built from the ground up. When I came to Labelbox and became a Product Manager here, I was able to bring all of my experiences in NLP, product management, and computer vision.

I was a Solutions Engineer when I first joined Labelbox, but my interest really lay in product development, and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to take that role when it came up. It’s a competitive role in the Bay Area, and it’s really my dream job. I’ve gotten the chance to dive into my passion for AI and ML, and branch out into use cases that are super exciting and rewarding — for example, medical imagery and cancer detection.

Dallas with his wife, Taylor, at a golf course.

Why did you decide to join Labelbox?

First, we’re building solutions that I’m really passionate about. There are some incredibly interesting problems to solve at Labelbox. We’re use case agnostic, and we’re working towards becoming data agnostic, meaning that whatever problem you want to solve, if you have the data for it, Labelbox can help you get there. We’re helping customers use AI to solve really hard problems. That mission is something that inspires me, and something I use to inspire my team as well. At Labelbox we’re focused on helping our customers make the world a better place.

I was also really impressed by everyone I met during my interviews with Labelbox, particularly Manu Sharma (Cofounder and CEO) and Jason Stewart (CRO). They exude humility, but they’re so smart and passionate. The combination of who they are and what they’re working on building, that’s what sold it for me. At the time, I was mainly interviewing for product management roles, but I accepted a Sales Engineering role at Labelbox because I believed in the mission more than I wanted the product role. And then luckily I was able to transition into a product role later on.

Which Labelbox value do you identify with most and why?

Helping customers win. My first ever “customer” was my grandpa. He was a tech nerd in rural Kentucky, and one of the first people there with high speed internet. I remember getting him a Roku for Christmas and showing him how to use it, and then seeing him actually use it was so rewarding. It’s rewarding to help people, and that’s central to what we do at Labelbox.

Our value of craftsmanship also really resonates with me. I love good design and paying attention to the details is important to me. Being able to build features from the beginning and helping to design every detail so that it benefits our customers has been an amazing experience.

Tell us about your team at Labelbox.

I’m so inspired by their enthusiasm for what we’re building. We have a great culture and it’s clear that we all love working together. Fostering that kind of camaraderie and culture while we’re all working from home can be a challenge, but this group makes it easy.

Right now, we’re working on medical imagery use cases, and helping our customers build algorithms that can detect tumors, hemorrhages, and diseases. We’re also working with text, which is a new and growing vertical for Labelbox, so we’re constantly pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. My team is always excited to dive right into the most complex problems and put forth improvements that make our product better. We’re committed to building something that our customers can not only rely on, but enjoy using.

What are you most excited about?

We’re launching a new feature called annotation relationships. It’s my first big release as a Product Manager at Labelbox, and it’s been eight months in the making, so it’s near and dear to my heart. The feature lets you create relationships between text data labels in Labelbox, so our customers can train the model to understand syntactic relationships between people, places, and/or objects in a document. We’re building a product that can capture the nuances of the English language, so we need to build tools like annotation relationships to help models understand context. It’s groundbreaking; with this release, we’ll have the most competitive text labeling tool on the market.

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