Do great work. From anywhere.

We hire great people regardless of where they live. Work wherever you’d like as reliable internet access is our only requirement. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work.


At Labelbox, each remote team member gets the same or comparable resources for workspace, travel, and benefits. We’re building a culture with an emphasis on autonomy, flexibility, empathy, and mobility. We believe this also presents an excellent opportunity for those who must live or prefer to live in rural areas, where careers in technical industries are sometimes not as easily available.

How we work


Each remote team member receives the same or comparable equipment package for their home office setup. This includes a laptop, monitor, stand, desk (if needed), mouse, keyboard, cords and other necessary accessories. Outside of this, each team member receives an additional budget upon joining Labelbox to be used for any extra items that may help them be most productive and comfortable at home.


Traveling to HQ

We believe building relationships face-to-face is critical towards fostering a close-knit and high performance team. For this reason, Labelbox will pay for employees to travel to HQ up to two weeks a year in addition to their on-site onboarding, two annual hackathons (for engineering roles) and additional time as needed.

Benefits coverage and other perks

All full time employees are provided with options for comprehensive health coverage within the US and get a company card to cover expenses accrued for business purposes, including lunch.

Buddy system and remote mentor

When starting at Labelbox, in addition to your Buddy, you’ll also be assigned a Remote Mentor. This will be another remote Labelbox team member with several years of remote work experience that you can rely on for advice and support regarding remote work.

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