Labelbox is made of designers, engineers, scientists and strategists

Manu Sharma

Founder & CEO

For over 6 years, Manu has designed and built products used by thousands of organizations at highly transformative companies such as Planet Labs and DroneDeploy. His interests range from artificial intelligence to clean energy, aviation and space exploration.

Daniel Rasmuson

Founder & CTO

Dan was previously an Engineering Manager at DroneDeploy where he started and grew their platform to more than 100 integrations. Dan is a technologist recognized in Forbes 30 under 30 and a youth national chess champion.

Brian Rieger

Founder & COO

Brian is an accomplished aerospace engineer, data scientist and software developer turned serial entrepreneur. He began his career doing aerodynamics, testing and flight certification of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Afterward, he built an Aerospace company that put hardware on the International Space Station and is recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 for transforming enterprise technology with machine intelligence.

David Kjelkerud

Head of Design

David is leading design at Labelbox. He was previously design director at Dropbox and the co-founder of Readmill, a social reading app, which was acquired by Dropbox.

Kyle Owens

Senior Software Engineer

Kyle is best known for his love of wizard rock and the JVM. He grew up listening to Styx, Journey, and eating hoagies at Wawa outside of Philadelphia. He got his bachelor's degree in Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon and prior to Labelbox, Kyle worked at Palantir as a Privacy & Civil Liberties Engineer where he implemented a number of GDPR compliant systems across the EU. He dabbles in long distance running and is a self-proclaimed beer snob.

Nathana Sharma

General Counsel

Nathana Sharma is General Counsel at Labelbox. Previously, she worked at Singularity University, Enlitic, Gunderson Dettmer, the Israeli Supreme Court and the Center for Creative Technologies. Nathana is a Fulbright Scholar and a JD/MBA graduate of the Yale Law School and the Yale School of Management.

Craig Hosang

Head of Product Marketing

Craig is building out marketing at Labelbox. Prior to joining the team, he was responsible for enterprise product marketing at GitHub leading up to the acquisition. Before he received his MBA from MIT Sloan, he worked in the NYC Mayor's Office under Mike Bloomberg and had studied counterterrorism at NYU. You can catch Craig around the office for interesting conversations on his side projects including writing movies and learning how to race cars.

Connor Harwood

Senior Software Engineer

Connor began writing software to pay off crushing student loan debt accrued while reading lots of philosophy, literature, and the history of maths and science at a tiny liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere. He quickly fell in love with bending machines to his will and now gleefully works toward their enlightenment. He spends his wakeful moments reflecting on the union of technical and philosophical issues facing machine learning because he didn't like The Matrix enough to want to be in it. He loves climbing and cooking but hates getting up early and having to pick what to make.

Alex Pattison

Software Engineer

Alex is an energetic engineer with a thoughtful and playful personality. He finds meaning in the relationships and experiences with the people around him. Tell him you want to play billiards and get ready to exchange laughter and explore new ideas.

Luis Morales

Senior DevOps Engineer

Luis Morales is a lifelong programmer, site reliability engineer, DevOps, and maker. Before Labelbox, Luis worked as a DevOps Engineer at ZincIO and Site Reliability Engineer at DroneDeploy before that, speaking, writing, consulting, and very much not getting rich during Web 1.0. Luis has worked on a whole lot of web sites you’ve probably never heard of.

Mac Forrester

Enterprise Sales Development

Mac is passionate about working with prospects and customers to understand labeling needs and working together with them to determine the best solution. Prior to joining Labelbox, Mac studied Marketing at the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management. He's worked in sales at Domino Data Lab, UserTesting, and the Sacramento Kings. He's originally from the Bay Area and in his free time, he enjoys watching/playing sports and spending time outside.

Ali Hussain

Sales Lead

A Bay Area native, Ali works as the sales lead at Labelbox. He enjoys working with customers to understand their business problems and discovering how Labelbox can solve them. Ali has worked in sales within the tech space for the past six years. Ali enjoys making people laugh at all times of day, even sometimes against their will.

Jackie Ricci

Head of Business Operations

Jackie is constantly perplexed by the conundrum of becoming a futurist vs. wanting to live in the 1940’s. Previously, Jackie was a founding team member at a space launch start-up and chief of staff at a cryptocurrency hedge fund. A seafarer who is more comfortable on the water than on land, she is energized by solving real-life problems in the most unchartered of waters. Jackie graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in International Affairs and Anthropology.

John Thomas

Machine Learning Support Engineer

John is our front line for resolving problems faced by our customers, leaving them capable of focusing their efforts on dealing with the technical side of computer vision, and making sure that Labelbox blends seamlessly into their workflow. He got his bachelor’s degree in Applied Math at UC Berkeley, and developed his customer service skills in the San Francisco cocktail scene during a remarkable bout of patience waiting for a security clearance. John joined Labelbox shortly after he got tired of waiting, and now uses the skills he gained to make pastries and drinks for his coworkers, and provide good experience to our customers.

Cyrus Jou

Customer Success Manager

Cyrus is best understood by his priorities: first to his wife and daughter, second to his gym, and third to quality donuts. In the office he’s known for making world-class pancakes, and improving morale (through baby pictures, among other things). When he’s at work, Cyrus brings his long history of industrial optimization and data science to the goal of ensuring the success of the computer vision teams using Labelbox. He got his degree in Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle, and just moved to California from his home in Florida. He’s the person you go to if you want to know usage volume, or if you need someone to find you a great deal on a pair of headphones

Ryan Quinn

Senior Software Engineer

Ryan is best known for his love of Rust and (mostly breakfast) burritos. Born in Boston and raised in DC, Ryan’s a lifelong New England Patriots fan who’s now seen so many Super Bowls that he can’t be bothered to watch any regular season games. After studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon, he worked at Cisco (ask him about his love of GWT) followed by a couple startups (CircleUp and DroneDeploy). Outside of Labelbox, you’ll either catch him behind the decks or spending time with his Son (read: dog), Koal Slaw Quinn.

Nikki Gantos

Software Engineer

Full stack is probably the best way to describe Nikki. After embracing the arts in her youth, Nikki discovered engineering inadvertently at UC Santa Barbara while co-creating mutant bicycle contraptions. Shortly thereafter she got a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. The combination of her working with robotics applications at the JPL, Oregon State’s RDML and a computer vision course eventually led her to software engineering. After graduating, she joined DroneDeploy where she worked with image processing as well as frontend development.

Kyle Nesbit

Principal Engineer

Kyle is a Gradient rotator currently assigned to Labelbox. He has been at Google over 11 years where he has lead teams developing high-performance distributed systems and computer vision products for ads measurement. Kyle grew up in Wisconsin and studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Kyle has a PhD in computer architecture.

Anna Patterson

Board Member & Managing Director, Gradient Ventures

Prior to starting Gradient Ventures, Anna was Google’s Vice President of Engineering in AI - integrating AI into products across Google. She also serves on the Board of Directors at Square, Inc.

Peter Welinder


Peter is a research scientist at Open AI. Previously, he led machine learning at Dropbox. Peter co-founded Anchovi Labs, a startup using computer vision to organize photos which was later acquired by Dropbox. He holds a PhD in computer vision from Caltech.

Ryan Lindskog

Software Engineer

Ryan learned how to code during business school at Chico State because he wanted to turn his ideas into reality. To his surprise, Ryan fell in love with coding, which led him to a contract at Apple on the Conversational Engineering team. Today, Ryan is building out the frontend of Labelbox. When he's not feverishly writing TypeScript, you might find Ryan at the rock climbing gym, playing the piano, or obsessing over space.

Carolyn Goldenberg

Strategic Account Executive

Carolyn is a Sr. Enterprise Account Executive at Labelbox. Prior to that, she spent her career working at hyper-growth startups such as Groupon, Uptake, and Amplitude. Carolyn is a transplant from the midwest and has enjoyed taking advantage of the year round nice weather.