Data types overview

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These are the data types that are referenced the most. See the documentation explorer at for more.


A customizable, hierarchical set of reusable Label schemas that can be used across one or more Projects.


An individual within an Organization. Organization admins can set Organization-level or Project-level permissions for each Member.


Top-level entity that contains one or more Members. Each customer account gets its own Organization in Labelbox.

Asset Metadata

Additional information that can be attached to a Data Row.


A single annotation on a given asset. Encompasses both objects and classifications.

Feature schema

Contains all the defining information for rendering the UI to create a feature of its kind.


A collection of features on a single asset. A label represents an assessment on a Data Row.


Indicates the quality of a given Label as indicated by a user.

Data Row

Represents an Asset or collection of Assets (including all associated metadata) and all associated Label information.


A collection of data rows. Each asset is assigned to a data row. Datasets can span multiple projects.


Contains all labeling and reviewing work on a Dataset.

Labeling Frontend

The Labelbox HTML / JavaScript labeling interface for data annotation.


An entity representing a subscription to a type of event on the Labelbox platform. Whenever an event of the subscribed-to type occurs, the webhook's endpoint will be sent a notification. Webhooks can be organization-wide or project-based.

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