Data types overview

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These are the data types that are referenced the most. See the documentation explorer at for more.


Contains all feature schemas for a specific project.


An individual person involved in the data annotation process, including review and/or project management. Users can have various permission levels.


The data type that contains members.

Asset Metadata

A collection of supplementary information associated with an asset.


A single annotation on a given asset. Encompasses both objects and classifications.

Feature schema

Contains all the defining information for rendering the UI to create a feature of its kind.


A collection of features on a single asset. A label represents an assessment on a Data Row.


Indicates the quality of a given Label as indicated by a user.

Data Row

The data type that individual assets are assigned to, serving as the internal Labelbox representation of an asset.


A collection of data rows. Each asset is assigned to a data row. Datasets can span multiple projects.


The workspace for the data annotation workflow. It is where the labeling, quality assurance, labeling performance monitoring, and progress overviews are contained.

Labeling Frontend

The Labelbox HTML / JavaScript labeling interface for data annotation.


A server-side operation.


An entity representing a subscription to a type of event on the Labelbox platform. Whenever an event of the subscribed-to type occurs, the webhook's endpoint will be sent a notification. Webhooks can be organization-wide or project-based.

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