Delegated access

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We will soon be launching a new delegated access integration that will let customers keep their data in their own cloud storage solutions while giving Labelbox read-only access to pre-process data and ensure quick loading times for labeling tools. This will be even more secure and robust than our popular hybrid cloud configuration, and will give customers full access to the latest and greatest Labelbox tools.

The diagram below shows the new integration workflow. Note: Only AWS s3 URLs will supported, initially.

Access via s3 URL is required for Labelbox to do the necessary preprocessing before the assets get loaded into the labeling interface. When you import your data this way, it allows you to keep your data in your current data storage solution and create strict permission settings allowing Labelbox read-only access to the s3 bucket you specify. Additionally, this new integration is an alternative way to make your data private without having to apply a blanket IP restriction.

Delegated access presents the following advantages:

  • Access to new video labeling and Superpixel tools.
  • More secure and robust than IP whitelisting alone.
  • Pre-processing allows for faster loading of large images and videos in the labeling interface.
  • Ability to limit labelers from viewing assets when they are logged out of Labelbox.
  • Customers no longer need to set up their own proxy servers.
  • Read-only access means the customer always has the option to revoke access.
  • File-specific access is possible if access to the entire bucket is not required.
When the delegated access integration is available, we will update this page with detailed documentation to help you set up the new configuration. 

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