Upload data via app

To upload your data to our secure cloud bucket using the Labelbox web application, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://app.labelbox.com/data
  2. Click "Upload new dataset" and then "Choose files to upload"
  3. Select the images you would like to upload
  4. Enter name for your dataset
  5. Click "Start upload"

Import JSON file

Create a JSON file and drop the file directly in the app. For import file formats, please see Importing via JSON.

Import CSV file

If you want to pass URLs to video or image files, create a CSV and put all of the URLs in one column and create an additional optional column for the external IDs. When you import your CSV in the web app, you will be able to indicate the column to label and the column containing the external IDs. Note: Importing text as CSV is not supported.

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Import URLs via JSON