Add a collaborator

Adding a Collaborator

Start by navigating to the Collaborators tab and Add Colaborator.

Next, enter the email address of the person, choose the role (Labeler, Reviewer, Team Manager, Admin, or Project Based).

Organization-Wide Role

You may choose to give a user access to all current and future projects with one role (Labeler, Reviewer, Team Manager, Admin). For a description of the roles click here .

Project Based Role

When choosing Project Based as the user’s role, the Project table will appear below, allowing you to set the role of the user at the project level. If no role is assigned to a project then the user will not have access to that project.

Manage Collaborators

After you have added your collaborators you can change their role or manage the projects they have access to. To do this, navigate to the Collaborators tab and click on a user.

Deleting a Collaborator

You may delete a collaborator by selecting the “three dots” to the right of the user’s email and then select “Remove From Org”.

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