Text classification

1. Create a JSON file to import

A string of text can be inserted inside the “data” element. To create new lines, simply add \n operator.

"externalId": "001",
"data": "Customer-\nI love this tool and the customer service.\n\nOperator-\nThanks so much. We are here to help."
"externalId": "002",
"data": "Customer-\nI am having trouble with sending a payment.\n\nOperator-\nI am sorry to hear that. Can you share if you are using a chrome or firefox browser?"

Upload this file to Labelbox and then attach the dataset to a project. You will then have to select “Image Labeling” interface and configure it as follows:

2. Configure the interface with classification questions

Configure the labeling interface to include only the classification questions. You can use radio, multiple choice, free form text and nested dropdowns.

Watch this video tutorial

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