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Exporting as JSON or CSV

Whether you decide to export your annotations as a JSON file or as a CSV file, the same data will be exported. For instructions on how to do this, see How to export data.

Geometric Tools

The bounding box, polyline, and point tools produce a geometric annotation, meaning they have x-y coordinates in the exported file. The x-y coordinate origin is located at the top left of the labeled image.

Image segmentation

The image segmentation tool produces a semantic image mask that provides a per-pixel annotation of the object in the image. The white pixels of the exported image mask represent annotation.

Image classification

The image classification tool only produces a semantic classification for the image as a whole and does not include any geometric annotation or pixel classification information. The data type in the exported JSON file depends on whether the labeler uses radio, checklist, dropdown, or text classification to answer the question in the image editor.

To see the JSON label format, see Export format detail.

Exporting as COCO or PASCAL VOC

Labelbox does not offer any direct export options for COCO or PASCAL VOC. Users still using the legacy image editor can use the conversion scripts in this open source package to convert a JSON format to COCO or VOC format.

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