Labeling Questions

How do I setup a labeling project?

You can set up a labeling project in three steps.

  1. Click “Add New Project” and give the project a name.
  2. Attach your dataset to the project.
  3. Customize your labeling interface.

Start Labeling! How to Create a Project

Does Labelbox work with Cloud buckets data such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage?

Check out our guide for Connecting Cloud Data.

How do I revisit skipped or submitted labels?

You can do this by re-enqueuing them from the Activity Tab. When a submitted label is re-enqueued, you will be able to see the previously submitted label as a base layer on the image for review or revision. For a guide on re-enqueuing labels click here

Does Labelbox work with on-premises data?

Labelbox works with source data hosted on-premises or on a private cloud. The source data is accessed directly from the client computer and never shared (or accessible) by Labelbox. Check out our guide here.

Does Labelbox work on mobile devices?

We do not currently support mobile devices, although we are working on adding this in the future.

Can I label on an iPad?

We do not currently support mobile browsers so using Labelbox on an iPad will not work.

Does Labelbox work in all countries?

Yes, unless your network has a restrictive firewall, or you have internet connectivity issues. We currently only support the English language on our platform.

Does Labelbox work in China?

We have many users using Labelbox in China although some have reported issues accessing Labelbox on their network. Always check if you have an adblocker or firewall preventing you from accessing our website.

Does Labelbox work without an internet connection?

No, you must have an internet connection to use Labelbox.

What browser do you recommend for Labelbox?

We recommend Chrome or Firefox. We do not recommend Internet Explorer or Safari due to compatibility issues.

What formats can I export my labeled data?

Your labeled data can be exported in JSON, CSV, COCO, or PASCAL VOC which should allow you to import it into any machine learning framework.

How does Auto Consensus work?

Auto Consensus ensures consistency and accuracy of the labeled data. When turned on, some or all of the images are labeled by more than one labeler so that a consensus among labelers for each labeled datum can be calculated and ultimately managed. You can configure the percentage of your dataset in a project that will be selected to be labeled more than once by distinct collaborators. Once this percentage is set, the first x% of images in your dataset will be set to be labeled as many times as you specify, allowing your team to catch edge cases, unclear instructions, and poor labeler behavior early and before too much of the dataset has been labeled. Check out our docs here for more detail.

Will other labelers see the same data that I’m labeling?

If Auto Consensus is turned on and configured then yes, otherwise no.

Does Labelbox have an API?

Yes, we have a fully featured API. Everything you can do with our interface, you can do programmatically through our API. The API is available on our Pro or Enterprise tiers. You may contact sales at

API Keys can only be created by Organization Administrators, through the dropdown menu under your email in the top left of the webapp.

You can explore our API tutorial here.

I already have training data. Can I import it into Labelbox?

You can import your training data through the “Import Predictions” function of our API. Explore the functionality through our docs page here.

Note: In terms of functionality, there’s no difference between uploading previous machine predicitons and existing human-labeled datasets

How do I delete a project?

Open your project then go to settings > Other, and click on the delete button.

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