Security Questions

How is data stored at rest?

Data is encrypted at rest using AES256.

What do we do with customer data?

We use each customer’s data to provide the services to that customer. We also use aggregated anonymized data that cannot be traced to any customer individually to improve our products and services.

How is data secured when outsourcing to the workforce?

The outsourced labeling team connects directly to a Labelbox project to label and review, but cannot access the data (including training data) directly. In addition, the workforce providers are Labelbox consultants bound by strict confidentiality provisions regarding your data.

What is the security practice of the labeling workforce?

Our Labelbox annotation services delivery center is SOC2 Type1 certified. All the work is done in a supervised environment by annotators who are employed by Labelbox’s labeling services consulting company. We don’t crowdsource and don’t work with any freelancers. We also don’t allow any remote logins from home.

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