The Settings tab allows you to attach/remove datasets, edit the labeling interface, manage collaborators, manage Auto Consensus, and delete the Project.

Data Source

The data source tab is where you can add additional datasets to a project or remove datasets from a project. Attaching additional data will automatically add the new data into the labeling queue to be labeled.

Removing DatasetsWhen a dataset is detached/removed from a project, all labels created against that dataset will remain in the project, and all unlabeled data will be removed from the queue.

Labeling Interface

This is where you can edit the labeling interface for your project. For instance, if you need to add a new class or new questions, click edit and you will be brought to the labeling interface designer where you can make your changes.

Changing Existing ClassesChanging existing classes in the labeling interface will not update the classes of existing labels. It is only recommended to do this if you want to deprecate a class for new labels going forward.


You can add collaborators and Teams or modify the roles of Individuals on your project.


This is where Auto Consensus can be turned on or off or modified.

Modifying Auto Consensus SettingsIncreasing the Percentage of assets and/or labels per asset will automatically add assets to the labeling queue for all datasets attached to a project,** including** assets that have already been labeled/submitted. Reducing the Percentage of assets and/or Labels per asset will reduce the duplicate assets in the labeling queue that have not already been labeled and will not remove duplicated assets that have already been labeled/submitted.

Danger Zone

The option to delete a project is located here.

Deleting a ProjectThis will also delete all the labels that have been submitted for a project.

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