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Sometimes, you may need to relabel your data because the label does not get approved in the review step, the project ontology has been adjusted, and/or the Consensus or Benchmarks score for the label are lower than expected.

When you delete a Label on an asset, Labelbox automatically re-enters that asset into the labeling queue to get relabeled.

Follow these steps to relabel an asset:

  1. Go to the Labels tab.
  2. Select the Data Row you wish to relabel.
  3. Delete the Label. When you delete the label you have two options:
    1. Delete the existing annotation.
    2. Use the annotation as a template for the next person to label the asset.

When you delete a label this way, the asset is added back to the label queue and randomly distributed to a member in your project to be relabeled.

This can also be done using the API. To learn more, see Re-enqueue labels programmatically.

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