February 5, 2020

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  • [App] The Polygon tool is now available in the new Image Editor (1/22/20).

  • [App] When exporting vector features (bounding boxes, polylines, etc) from the new Image Editor, the export file now includes an instanceURI field, which is the mask URL (2/4/20).

  • [App] The organization membership table now returns paginated results (2/3/20).

  • [API] Version 2.4 of the Python API has been released. Now you can import predictions via the Python API and open them in the legacy image editor. Run pip install --upgrade labelbox to upgrade (1/30/20).

  • [API] You can delete a project via the explicit mutation, deleteProject(where: {id:""})(2/3/20).


  • [App] Our training data quality section has some new IU improvements (1/22/20).

  • [App] When you delete a project, all labels on the project will be deleted and all datasets will be removed from the project (2/3/20).

  • [App] The export format for labels created using the Polygon tool in the new Image Editor have x,y objects for vertices (1/20/20).


  • [App] Users can delete points when using the Polygon and Point tools (1/20/20).

  • [App] Polygon exports in the new Image Editor no longer repeats the first and last points in the array (1/20/20).

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