March 3, 2020

Alex Cota Updated by Alex Cota


  • [App] In the new image editor, you can now search for object classification answers and narrow down the object classification results that appear in the objects panel (2/19/20).

  • [App] In the new image editor, radio and checklist classifications now have an autocomplete function so you can quickly search for answers (2/19/20).


  • [App] The “Add Member” UI functionality in the members tab of the new image editor is more intuitive and consistent (2/19/20).

  • [App] To make it easier to search, the objects in the object panel are organized by type in the new image editor (2/26/20).

  • [App] When using the segmentation tool, the "Draw to back" functionality has been renamed to "Draw over existing objects" and is now on by default (2/25/20). See our Segmentation docs for more information.


  • [App] Large exports are now paginated to avoid raising errors (2/11/20).

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