August 6, 2020

Alex Cota Updated by Alex Cota


  • The Point tool is now available for video (7/9/20).

  • The video labeling interface now has a visual indicator for keyframes on the timeline (7/9/20).

  • Nested classifications are now supported in video exports (7/6/20).

  • We now support classifications for Predictions (7/27/20).


  • The support icon no longer blocks the video frames in Review mode (7/21/20).

  • The bug that was causing some self-hosted image data not to load properly has been resolved (7/30/20).

  • In Segmentation exports, the image and mask should now reliably have the same dimensions (7/24/20).


  • We increased the video frame limit from 2,000 frames to 20,000 frames per video (7/15/20).

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August 21, 2020

July 6, 2020