Labelbox breakthrough customer awards


Working with hundreds of organizations across a range of verticals has allowed us to recognize what makes the best MLOps teams so successful. It has also inspired us to create the Labelbox Breakthrough Customer Awards. The intent is to recognize companies that are excelling in both vision (the challenge being tackled) and execution (especially tied to data annotation and optimization). Our hope is that this award will highlight work that deserves to be recognized and inspire many others to continue improving their own ML operations.


We created a set of criteria to gauge which of our customers was gaining substantial traction in their MLOperations, improving speed of iteration, reducing overall costs, and driving towards breakthroughs with potential to significantly improve our world. We assessed how they have built their processes around Labelbox and spoke to many about best practices and lessons learned. Here are a few things we discovered these great ML teams have in common:

Build a system to harness data and improve consistency
Orient around quality
Incorporate automation for greater efficiencies
Address the unexpected

The 2021 Labelbox biggest breakthrough

Logo - Genentech - Dark
Genentech develops breakthrough labeling process for medical imagery ML
Training deep learning algorithms to find and classify images taken from real patients often requires meticulously labeled medical imagery numbering in the hundreds and even thousands. Genentech has revolutionized their ML processes by having domain experts train teams of labelers on medical imagery annotation tasks. With regular labelers creating annotations, which are then sampled and reviewed for quality by experts, Genentech has developed a much faster and less expensive way to create training data and get their life-saving algorithms to production.
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Our other 2021 breakthrough customers

ImageBiopsy Lab
ImageBiopsy Lab Logo
ImageBiopsy Lab

Since 2016, ImageBiopsy Lab has been building AI applications to help physicians and the medical community at large better understand and diagnose musculoskeletal diseases (MSK), which affect 1.7 billion people worldwide.

CAPE Analytics
CAPE Analytics

CAPE Analytics creates AI applications, primarily for insurance organizations, that extracts information from aerial or satellite geospatial images. Their applications deliver accurate, up-to-date property information to insurance providers.

Blue River Technology
Logo - Blue River Technology - Dark
Blue River Technology

Blue River Technology creates intelligent machinery that solves monumental challenges for farmers. They empower their customers to implement more sustainable solutions, optimize their chemical usage, and reimagine their routine processes to improve their farming yields annually.

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