The best way to train your model
is with your model

Use your own model to make labeling easier, more accurate, and faster.

Labelbox makes it simple to build workflows that import pre-labeled data for labeling teams to review and adjust directly. The result for many customers has been savings of 50-70% in terms of annotation costs.

Implement automated labeling with your model in minutes

Spend time where you’re needed most

Automate labeling where your model confidence is high, and spotlight assets where model performance is low.

Accelerate manual labeling

Guide labelers to pre-labeled assets so they can confirm, reject, or edit annotations rather than start labeling from scratch.

Iterate with intention

Dramatically improve model performance by focusing labeler time on more examples of data with low confidence predictions.

Narrow the field of view

Speed up labeling by drawing attention to the most relevant areas to label so labelers don’t need to analyze the entire asset.

It’s all part of the most powerful training data platform

Model-assisted labeling is just one feature of an entire labeling system purpose-built to help you iterate on labeling projects more quickly and bring your AI into production faster.

Maintain data privacy

Your model is your competitive advantage, let’s keep it that way. Unlike other companies, Labelbox won’t use your data and model IP to train our tools.

Get started today

Model-assisted labeling is easy to set up using the Python SDK. Learn more about how to get started.

See it for yourself.