Scale up labeling with a dedicated labeling service

Work hand-in-hand with the world's best labelers right inside your Labelbox project.

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Take control of quality

Bring configurable and transparent quality assurance tooling to your team instead of leaving it up to a labeling service or the 'crowd'.

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Accelerate along your path to production

A data scientist spends 80% of their time creating and managing training data. The culprits are poor in-house tooling, labeling re-work, and a lack of collaboration amongst the data science team. Enter Labelbox, a production grade training data solution for machine learning, offering best-in-class tooling, collaboration, and integrated workforce partners.

Diversify your labeling services

Every workforce has their strengths and weaknesses. Try and compare to find the best labeling teams for you.

Clear and upfront pricing

Every workforce on Labelbox commits to clear and upfront pricing. The price you agree to is guaranteed through project completion.

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