Labelbox Enterprise

Security, compliance, and deployment flexibility to fit your organization. Labelbox will provide your team with enterprise machine learning capabilities wherever you need it.

Self-hosted or cloud-hosted

Priority Support

Invoice billing

SAML single sign-on

Simple 1-click upgrades

Role Based Access Control

Custom Terms

Soc-2 Type II Certification

A foundation for enterprise machine learning

Convert unstructured visual data to training data with parallelized labeling activities and curate training data for better modeling outcomes. Labelbox is industrial machine learning infrastructure that empowers enterprise data science teams.

Flexible hosting

You get the same Labelbox experience whether you’re hosting in the cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP) or on your own servers.

Security your way

Enforce your security policies without complicating the way you work. Create and manage training data according to your organization’s needs without overburdening your process.

Effortless administration

Scaling up production machine learning tooling should be exciting, not distracting. We’ve made setup and scaling easy so you can focus on outcomes.

Start building production AI today.

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