Image segmentation made fast and intuitive

When every pixel matters, you need accurate and intuitive image segmentation tools. Customize the tools to support your specific use case, including instances, custom attributes, and more.


Fast and ergonomic drawing tools

It can be time consuming to create pixel-perfect labels consistently. Our segmentation editor has performant drawing tools that helps you do complex masks faster than ever.

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Label data the way your model needs it

Configure the label editor to your exact data structure (ontology) requirements. Vector geometry, classifications, custom attributes, hierarchical relationships, and much more is available to tailor-fit your use case.


Real-time insights

Knowing feature counts and object analytics for your computer vision training data means informed decision making about the state of your model capabilities today and how to improve them. Labelbox puts all of this information and more at your fingertips.

Quality assurance at the pixel level

Correct segmentations in real time using consensus, ensure labeling and annotation accuracy with benchmarks and set up review workflows to deliver pixel-perfect training data at scale.


Start building production AI today.

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