Object detection with superhuman ability

Bounding box, polygon, point and line tools enable you to construct a predictable pipeline of high-quality training data that will teach your ML-powered computer vision system to find and identify objects in image and video data.

As your model improves, so does the power and accuracy of object detection, speeding your iteration cycles and reducing the need for human input. With each incremental improvement, you can focus more of your resources on the parts of your model that are most strategic for improving output.


The standard in vector labeling

With a focus on speed, simplicity and use case diversity, this is simply the most powerful vector labeling tool on the planet. It's also the most intuitive. Configure in minutes, scale up to any size team, and create the right training data through rapid iteration.

  • Bounding box

  • Polygons

  • Points & lines

  • Custom Attributes

  • Hierarchical Classes

Label data the way your model needs it

Configure the label editor to your exact data structure (ontology) requirements. Vector geometry, classifications, custom attributes, hierarchical relationships and much more are available to tailor-fit your use case and your specific dataset.


Prevent cost overruns with real-time analytics

Track object counts and leverage detailed analytics about your dataset so that you make informed decisions about where issues with your model are arising and where to double down on what's working well.

Fine grained quality assurance at scale

Correct segmentations in real-time using consensus, ensure labeling accuracy with benchmarks and set up review workflows to deliver the right training data at scale.


Start building production AI today.

paraboloid imageparaboloid image