Improve relentlessly

Build the fastest iteration loop possible by leveraging the latest in labeling automation, developer-friendly APIs and real-time analytics.

Understand and improve model performance

Feature counts and object-level analytics for your training data create more informed decision making about the state of your model capabilities today, and how to improve them.

Leverage your own model to make labeling easier, more accurate, and faster

Use model-assisted labeling to import pre-labeled data for labeling teams to review and adjust directly. The result: savings of 50-70% in terms of annotation costs.

Reconfigure workflows and ontologies based on model feedback

With automatic task distribution and active learning, easily distribute and prioritize data attached to a project to your labelers.

Re-queue low confidence labels and always label the most important data with API driven labeling queue prioritization.

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Label data quickly and accurately with an intuitive interface and automated labeling workflows.

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Connect all your data, people, and processes through a single platform with a central system of record.

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Learn how Cape Analytics customizes their training data workflow using Labelbox’s API

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