Configure your optimal workflow

The easiest way to transform your data, people and processes into a training data pipeline that fits your needs.

Manage team performance and facilitate collaboration

Actionable analytics for team performance that show you the efficiency of your projects and labelers. Optimize for time, costs, and quality through performance tools, labeling timer, and more.

Set permission levels for labelers at the organization level or at the project-based level to manage workflows across hundreds of labelers.

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A secure central hub to store, search, and reuse all your assets

Create multiple ontologies and reuse them for multiple projects without repeating your work.

Orchestrate complex workflows across your labelers and teams

Import data via the Labelbox app, API, or SDK in a single secure environment and provide contextual information about the assets to be labeled to your team.

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Label data quickly and accurately with an intuitive interface and automated labeling workflows.

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Accelerate model training and increase performance with faster iterations that integrate seamlessly with your model.

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Stephen Krotosky

Stephen Krotosky
Senior Manager, Applied Machine Learning, Lytx

Labelbox is very well integrated as a part of our overall system design. Labelbox has helped us efficiently collect and analyze data through their strong infrastructure support.

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