Curate high-value data

Not all data impacts model performance equally. Through active learning workflows and uncertainty sampling, you can curate and label the right data–not just more data. Labelbox is an intuitive launchpad for data-centric AI development.

Search for data faster than ever

Search for labeled and unlabeled data using filters for metadata, model inferences, and other attributes. No need for an engineer to write one-off query scripts just to find data. Send this batch of data directly to a labeling project in just a few clicks. Learn how.

Explore your data to uncover new insights

Model embeddings help you quickly uncover high-level patterns and visually similar data from across all your datasets. Labelbox offers precomputed embeddings by default or you can upload your own via the SDK. Use Similarity Search to find more examples of low-performing classes, edge cases, or other rare data.
Prioritize Explore your data to uncover new insights
Prioritize Pre-label data with functions

Pre-label data with functions

Functions are saved Similarity Searches that automatically pre-label data based on model embeddings. Use a function to find unlabeled data to submit as a batch to a labeling project.

Visualize everything in one place

Labelbox allows you to visualize and search for your raw unlabeled data, metadata, labeled ground truth, and model inferences in one place. No need to waste time and resources building and maintaining infrastructure just to view your data.

Accelerate iteration velocity through collaboration

Don’t let searching for data and edge cases slow your team down or hold up conversations with stakeholders or customers. Instead of relying on one-off query scripts, search and discover data faster with Catalog.

All your data-centric workflows start here

Labelbox is the launchpad for all data-centric workflows in supervised machine learning