Energy and utilities

Using AI to improve safety and efficiency can give energy and utilities enterprises an edge over their competitors – but training accurate models requires large quantities of high quality training data. Labelbox pulls all your data, people, and labeling processes together in one place, so your ML teams can rely on a robust data creation pipeline to get their models to production, fast.

Example production use cases

  • Safety monitoring
  • Wildfire prevention
  • Pole inspection
  • Contract management
  • Energy use detection
  • Quality control

How Sharper Shape built a robust ML pipeline

Sharper Shape creates technology for safe, efficient transmission and distribution solutions for utilities by using drones to perform utility inspections.

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Stephen Krotosky

Stephen Krotosky
Senior Manager, Applied Machine Learning, Lytx

Labelbox is very well integrated as a part of our overall system design. Labelbox has helped us efficiently collect and analyze data through their strong infrastructure support.