Machine learning is empowering government agencies to achieve mission-critical goals quickly and accurately. Training the kind of large, complex model required by agencies, however, requires a robust labeling workflow that enables stringent quality management measures and smooth iteration cycles. Labelbox is designed to feed quality data into AI models and get them into production, fast.
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Example production use cases

  • Threat detection illustration
    Threat detection
  • Surveillance illustration
  • Cybersecurity illustration
  • Space exploration illustration
    Space exploration
  • Disaster relief illustration
    Disaster relief
  • Document processing illustration
    Document processing
nasa employs ml

NASA employs ML to find signs of life

Learn how NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is using Labelbox's training data platform and video annotation capabilities for faster ML development.

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How ZeroEyes identifies threats at first sight

Learn how ZeroEyes employs a training data platform to better create the AI data used to identify weapons in security camera footage.

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Zero Eyes use case figure
George Hoyem

George Hoyem
Managing Director, In-Q-Tel

Core to the enablement of AI based machine learning algorithms for our Intelligence Community and National Security partners is the need to accurately and cost-effectively label vast amounts of training data. Labelbox, offers our partners a state-of-the-art data annotation and data labeling platform for our IC partners to quickly and cost effectively label their AI training data.