Training data platforms 101

TDP 01

ML and data science teams often spend a disproportionate amount of their time processing, labeling, and augmenting training data. A Training Data Platform (TDP) brings together all the people, processes, and data involved in creating and improving training data in an efficient pipeline that saves both time and costs.

In this guide, we offer a smarter, easier approach to creating and managing training data, along with tried-and-true best practices leading AI teams can use to collaborate more efficiently. We’ll also show you how teams are creating higher performance AI applications due to the quality of the training data created.  

Our guide to Training Data Platforms (TDPs) provides a high-level overview of what a TDP is and what to look for in evaluating training data solutions to best suit your needs. 

Read this guide to learn:
  • How a training data platform (TDP) improves labeling productivity 

  • Use cases and common features of a TDP

  • Who can benefit most from a TDP at your organization

  • The ROI of using a TDP 

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