The most versatile data labeling and management platform for artificial intelligence applications.

Labelbox enables organizations to rapidly create and manage training data for expert AI systems.

​Simple Image Annotation

Classify or segment images with your expert labeling team. Pre installed labeling interfaces support customizable single or multiple choice forms, bounding boxes, polygon, point and line tools.

​Label just about anything

Create a custom labeling interface using our APIs to meet the needs of your labeling task. Start by customizing one of the standard Labelbox interfaces or build one from the ground up using the Labelbox JS library.

Checkout Labelbox Github repository to learn more.

​Export in popular formats

Export labels in various formats such as JSON, CSV, Pascal VOC or COCO. Generate binary image masks for easier integration with TensorFlow.

Concurrently label and collaborate with any team size

Ready for your team, no matter the size. Labelbox streamlines your workflows, from micro labeling projects for quick R&D to production grade projects requiring hundreds of collaborators.

Manage Labeler Tasks and Annotation Quality

Use Labelbox to understand labeling task performance of individuals and teams.

On premise for sensitive data

We know data privacy can sometimes be paramount to your business. Labelbox can be used with your data hosted on premise or in a private cloud.

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"The team of Labelbox managed to create a powerful and at the same time easy to use and configure system that fulfills the requirements that we identified in our research. We are using it in combination with our medical partners to create open, unique and societal important datasets and it works perfectly! If you want to use the best tool out there then in my opinion you should use Labelbox."

Michael Riegler, PhD

Senior Research Scientist, Simula Research Laboratory

"I have been working with Labelbox for a while now and I am really impressed how you balanced powerful, extensible functionality with usability."

Ralph Fehrer

AI Researcher, R4 Robotics

"I really love the simplicity of the solution while still providing amazing functionality. The team is easy to get in touch with and are constantly working to improve Labelbox through user feedback and innovation. I highly recommend Labelbox for any size team that is working on a project that requires image segmentation or classification."

Zach Mostowsky

Engineer, NT Concepts

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