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Focus on building things your customers want, not internal tools. Get to production faster. Labelbox is the most powerful data labeling platform.

Labelbox raises $3.9M from Kleiner Perkins, First Round and Google's new AI fund, Gradient Ventures. Read the TechCrunch article.

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The right tool for your task, in minutes

Classification and segmentation with powerful image annotation tools: bounding boxes, polygon, point, line, brush, and superpixel.

Annotate directly on tiled imagery (supports TMS and WMS tiled imagery) using tools such as bounding boxes, polygon, point and line. Ideal for drone maps, satellite imagery and medical data.

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Start with a standard interface and customize infinitely to take on any type of project. Many of our users use Labelbox to annotate text, audio, point clouds and video.

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Measure and Improve

The quality of your data determines the quality of your product. Real-time, automatic visibility and control over your data pipeline, no matter how many teams or collaborators.

Keep your teams efficient with live metrics, wherever they are.

​Create training data, collaboratively

Ready for your team, no matter the size. Labelbox is one place for all your training data creation and management. Use it with internal teams for R&D or add thousands of collaborators to create massive datasets.

​Integrate with the best frameworks and formats

Interface directly into TensorFlow's native format (.TFrecords).

Export in other popular formats: JSON, CSV, Pascal VOC, and COCO.

Learning is continuous

Create models that keep up with the real world. Monitor, improve, and manage model predictions with Labelbox.

On premise for sensitive data

Labelbox doesn't need access to your data. Connect directly to your on-premise or private cloud data.


"The team at Labelbox managed to create a powerful, easy-to-use and configurable system that fulfills the requirements that we identified in our research. We are using it in combination with our medical partners to create open, unique, and societally important datasets. It works perfectly! If you want to use the best tool out there, you should use Labelbox."

Michael Riegler, PhD

Senior Research Scientist, Simula Research Laboratory

"Incorporating Labelbox into our process was a huge step forward for our team."

Paul Fryzel

Principal Engineer, FORE, Condé Nast

"I really love the simplicity of a solution that still provides amazing functionality. The team is easy to get in touch with and are constantly working to improve Labelbox through user feedback and innovation. I highly recommend Labelbox for any size team that is working on a project that requires image segmentation or classification"

Zach Mostowsky

Engineer, NT Concepts

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