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The data engine for AI

Data curation, AI-assisted labeling, model training & diagnostics, and labeling services, all in one platform, to build better AI products, remarkably fast.

Trusted by companies of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s

Everything in one place

Leverage an end-to-end system that features the full set of capabilities needed to improve your model’s performance.



Quickly search and visualize all of your unstructured data to reduce both time and labeling spend. Prioritize and select the most important data.

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Access a full suite of labeling, collaboration, and quality tools that give you complete visibility and control over data labeling operations with in-house labeling teams or labeling service vendors. Leverage automation and custom workflows to make progress as quickly as possible.

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Track model performance across versions and manage data splits. Understand where your model is strong and weak, then fix data that will most dramatically improve performance.

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Access world-class data labeling services on-demand. Get started immediately with a labeling workforce designed for your needs. Quickly scale up or down as your AI initiatives evolve.

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A better way to build AI

Improve model performance through fast and impactful data-centric iterations.


Improve models with the right data

Find the data that will boost model performance using active learning and model error analysis. Save time and money by focusing resources where your specific model needs the most help.

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Label data faster than ever

Achieve up to 80% in labeling efficiency gains with model-assisted labeling – use models to pre-label data, and let humans focus on corrective actions to generate ground truth so they don’t need to start from scratch.

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Trusted by companies of all sizes

From startups to Fortune 500s

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“With Labelbox, we’re able to generate high-quality annotations by allowing our team of domain experts and labelers to collaborate more efficiently. The workflow we’ve built queues up all the work for our labelers to create image annotations, which are then sampled and reviewed by experts, and fed into ML models to make better AI diagnoses.”

Miao Zhang, AI Scientist

“Reducing our data requirements is huge because we can get the same amount of improvement in our model’s performance in half the time and with half the effort. This was enabled through targeting the model’s weaknesses with Labelbox’s Model product and then being able to prioritize the right data through Catalog. By doing so, we’ve reduced our labeling spend and data needs by over 50%.”

Noe Barrell, ML Engineer

“AI has been crucial for us to accomplish our goals and we’re using Labelbox in many of our projects and processes. It allows us to standardize how we create and manage data all in a single location and using their automation features, we’ve seen a reduction in labeling times by 2x.”

Christian Howes, ML Engineer