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Discover Labelbox for

Financial Services and Insurance

A unified platform for enabling financial services and insurance companies to unlock AI in every phase of the customer journey.

Impact across the entire customer journey

Market Research

Transform your market research by analyzing unstructured data (e.g., social media posts, reviews and customer feedback) and deliver sophisticated financial products.

Customer Service

Deliver next-gen customer service by understanding the context of customer queries and providing accurate responses and time to resolution faster.

Compliance and Risk Management

Sift through vast amounts of data to identify potential compliance violations, reducing the risk of human error and increasing operational excellence.

Meet Labelbox: A single platform to unlock your data and unleash AI (Financial services)

Meet Labelbox: A single platform to unlock your data and unleash AI

A data-centric platform allows you to accelerate your business outcomes with AI. Labelbox is built to help you transform data into advanced AI applications, while delivering enterprise-grade security and governance for all your data.

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"The aggregate time saved from utilizing Labelbox’s data management systems in tandem with active learning cycles, represented an estimated 30%+ increase in total time savings, as well as months of custom development work in engineering hours."

- Sheetanshu Pandey, CTO, Cape Analytics

"It's important to gain an understanding what type of model that you might want to use based on the data you have available and the amount of accuracy that's required for the application. We've seen our business requirements and labeling operations strategy now work hand in hand due to using Labelbox."

- Brian Keller, Head of AI, Flyreel

"Most labeling operations involve a lot of different projects going on at once. Labelbox helps us ensure that all our analysts, GIS specialists, and other subject matter experts are performing their labeling operations and data preparation exactly the same, so that we're repeatable and scalable."

- Annie Neligeorge, Partnerships and Data Validation, Orbital Insight