Come do your life's work at Labelbox.

Labelbox is at the heart of the machine learning powered computer vision revolution. Almost every decision a human makes is visual and these decisions power every industry. With AI, computers can now see like humans and can make decisions in the same way.

What tool will humanity use to teach computers to make the best and right decisions? It’s a big challenge. We are building Labelbox as the tool to create, teach and manage our emerging AI counterparts.

Come join us.

Benefits & perks

In addition to these benefits, we are always open to accommodating special needs and requirements.

  • Health, dental, and vision benefits
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Commuter benefits
  • Flexible work hours and location
  • Audiophile qualilty music -- we have a Roon server
  • Dog friendly office

Core values

Make customers win

We find great pleasure in creating solutions for our customers. These solutions empower teams to build impactful machine learning products and services. By working with us, our customers are at the forefront of industrial machine learning.


Craftsmanship is the fine balance between perfection and a solution to the given constraints. To be a craftsman is to be consumed in a problem and to create your best expression of work as a result. You can't be a craftsman in every thing, you can only be a craftsman in a few things, but you do those things remarkably.

Seek to understand

The machine learning industry is growing and evolving rapidly as it begins to transform every industry. We must stay humble and embrace that we have so much more to learn. We seek to understand first so that we build the most impactful solutions.

Here's a glimpse of some Labelbox moments

Checkout our posting on Key Values to learn more about Labelbox culture, values and perks

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Headquartered in San Francisco