The most powerful data labeling solution at your fingertips

Designed to give you complete visibility and control of every aspect of your labeling operations, Labelbox gives you the right annotation solution for every task

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annotate label data faster

Label data faster than ever

Combine powerful automation tools with state of the art pre-labeling techniques to speed up labeling without compromising quality. Focus human labeling where it will have the most impact in your labeling and review pipeline.


Boost your throughput with an industry-leading labeling workforce

Our world-class labeling partners have subject matter expertise ranging from agriculture and fashion to medical and life sciences and are proficient in over 20 languages. Regardless of your use case, we’re here to help, and we have experienced teams available on-demand.

annotate quality analytics

Manage cost and quality with analytics

Using dynamic filters operating on the content, metadata, or text embeddings, automatically add a label on matching results at scale and queue them for human review.

annotate custom workflows

Improve quality and efficiency with custom workflows

Create dynamic workflows based on attributes like annotation type or labeler to reduce cost and increase labeling and review throughput, quality, and efficiency. Generate high-quality labels with less team time.

annotate python sdk

Automate tedious data ops with the Python SDK

Integrate Labelbox with the rest of your data pipeline and manage your workflows programmatically. Configure and automate key steps like assigning labeling and review teams, attaching an ontology, and configuring workflows with a few simple commands.

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Your best work is done collaboratively

Powerful communication and collaboration tools bring your teams, from data engineers to external labeling workforces, closer together than ever. Get live project status updates and collaborate on labeling issues in real time all in a single platform.

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One platform for all of your data

Labelbox natively supports image, video, text, PDF document, tiled geospatial, medical imagery, and audio data. Whatever your task, Labelbox has purpose-built tools to support you.

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“AI has been crucial for us to accomplish our goals and we’re using Labelbox in many of our projects and processes. It allows us to standardize how we create and manage data all in a single location and using their automation features, we’ve seen a reduction in labeling times by 2x.”

Christian Howes

ML Engineer

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