Expertise made effortless

A world-class workforce and dedicated labeling expertise that delivers you success on the Labelbox platform

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A managed solution that gives you:


Workflow set up and ontology defined in just days. Deep experience in project and instruction design to limit mistakes. Trained labeling teams that are ready to go.

Cost control

A team dedicated to driving efficiency and supporting growth while managing cost. Consistent monitoring to minimize risk and maximize quality.


Ability to evolve approach as needs shift or workflows gain efficiency. Combine external teams alongside in-house or existing resources. Weekend and shift work.

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Workforce Boost

Help with workforces and annotation

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  • Access trusted Labelbox-certified labeling partners with specific industry / use case experience and security/privacy certified (if required)

  • Active training of labeling management team on new tasks

  • Monitor overall quality while in production and flag/resolve potential quality issues

Complete Boost

Help managing your entire labeling operation

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All the features of Workforce Boost plus:
  • Dedicated workforce program management to keep projects on track

  • A Labelbox PM to manage your labeling operations start to finish: Labeling instructions, ontology creation, Workforce onboarding and training, workflow implementation

  • In-depth quality monitoring of workflows, labelers’ performances, and suggest further optimizations to drive efficiency and results

Boost customer story

NASA employs ML to find signs of life

Learn how NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) used Labelbox Boost for video annotation and faster ML development.

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