Our mission is to build the best products to align with artificial intelligence

We believe that AI has the power to transform every aspect of our lives -- from healthcare to agriculture. The exponential impact of artificial intelligence will mean mammograms can happen quickly and cheaply, irrespective of the limited number of radiologists there are in the world, and growers will know the instant that disease hits their farm without even being there. Labelbox is here to empower the quick and efficient development of these transformative technologies.

Values that bring us together

Make customers win

We find joy in creating solutions for our customers. These solutions empower teams to build impactful machine learning products and services. By working with us, our customers are at the forefront of industrial machine learning.


Craftsmanship is the fine balance between perfection and a solution to the given constraints. To be a craftsman is to be consumed in a problem and to create your best expression of work as a result. You can't be a craftsman in every thing, you can only be a craftsman in a few things, but you do those things remarkably.

Seek to understand

The machine learning industry is growing and evolving rapidly as it begins to transform every industry. We must stay humble and embrace that we have so much more to learn. We seek to understand first so that we build the most impactful solutions.

How we started

Labelbox was founded in early 2018 to empower organizations building the Al solutions that will drive the next generation of products and services. Our founders experienced first hand the pain of developing and maintaining in-house tools — as well as the benefits of reliable, well- designed MLOps solutions.

Today, Labelbox is at the heart of the Al revolution. Humans draw insights from what they see — from words to images to movement — thousands of times every day. With Al, computers can do the same, processing vast amounts of data and delivering valuable information. With this newfound capability, our society will build next-generation robotics, accessible healthcare, automated farms that can support our global population, and much more.

Building these models, however, requires large amounts of labeled data. The tools, talent, time, and costs of labeling are often a significant bottleneck to Al teams. Labelbox provides the solution: a customizable data engine built to produce high-quality training data and help Al teams build world-class ML models, fast.

What is a data engine?

An AI data engine is the foundational infrastructure for how team members interface with data and models in order to build better AI products — and do it remarkably fast. Teams that invest in data engine software gain significant benefits, including:

  1. The flexibility to use it for any AI project

  2. The ability to use pre-built solutions for data curation, labeling automation, and model evaluation and training

  3. The ability to work with any internal, external, or a combination of labeling teams and vendors

  4. Support for any labeling operations, workflow, or other software issues

In short, investing in a data engine can free up data scientists and engineers to build the next generation of AI solutions.

Operating principles

We've established several operating principles that guide our daily work. We believe that these principles have helped us build a strong foundation for our company, and we are continuously refining and adding new principles as we learn and grow together.

Bias towards action

We believe that making progress is essential, and we encourage our employees to take proactive steps to achieve their goals. This might mean initiating a conversation with a colleague, digging up data, or quickly trying out a new idea. We're always seeking individuals who are motivated to take action and move forward.

Passion & curiosity

We value employees who exhibit passion and curiosity for learning new things and solving customer problems. We look for individuals who are motivated by pursuing mastery in their craft and building something great. We are extremely excited about what the future has in store for the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and we are looking for those who share our passion. 

Continuous feedback

At Labelbox, we believe that high performance is achieved through continuous feedback between managers, peers, and direct reports. We encourage our employees to seek feedback and grow through collaboration and establishing trust among team members. Our best performing employees are those who make a measurable business impact and are always seeking to do more.

Ownership & accountability

We use the RACI framework to ensure clear ownership and accountability for tasks and deliverables. This helps to prevent breakdowns in communication and ensure that everyone is aligned on the definition of success. We believe that clarity is essential to maintaining a high level of performance.

$189M in funding