Discover Labelbox for

Media & Internet

A unified platform for enabling media and internet companies to unlock AI in every phase of the customer journey

Impact across the entire customer journey

Trust & Safety

Transform the user experience by keeping users safe from harmful content that align with your company's values, product aims, and digital capabilities.

Smart Search

With AI, media and internet companies will have everything they need to understand sentiment across channels and improve customer communications. The result? Increased profitability and retention.

Marketing Optimization

Classify your visual assets precisely and use them effectively in global marketing campaigns to drive the right action by the right audience.

Content Moderation

Intelligently analyze massive amounts of real-time data to accurately manage the ever-growing volume of user-generated content.

Meet Labelbox: A single platform to unlock your data and unleash AI (Internet)

Meet Labelbox: A single platform to unlock your data and unleash AI

A data-centric platform allows you to accelerate your business outcomes with AI. Labelbox is built to help you transform data into advanced AI applications, while delivering enterprise-grade security and governance for all your data.

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"Before Labelbox, we could train a model pretty quickly and evaluate against validation test sets, but creating and managing high-quality data took forever. Having a strong collaborative platform helped us get to a weekly iteration cycle and build performant ML dramatically faster."

- Stanley Fujimoto, Data Science at Ancestry

“We see strong benefits to having a central data-centric platform. Specifically, we’ve seen a substantial time savings, up to 40% in iteration speed, as well as a huge increase in the data quality. We’ve had a large reduction in the back and forth we’ve had to do when it comes to ensuring data quality for our ads and personalization models."

- Hong Noh, Product at Criteo

"We switched over from a BPO and have been absolutely blown away by the quality and speed of Labelbox services. Not only that, we thought we would be paying more for the quality but in actuality, we now spend 2-3x less due to the major reduction in wasted spend, annotation duplication, and need for fewer pilot/test runs."

- Anne Paling, Manager, Annotating & Testing, Dialpad