Automate product listings with AI

The rise of foundation models has enabled companies to seamlessly enrich all of their products and services with rich captions and descriptions in minimal time and with little human effort required. Organizations can now use AI taught to automatically generate descriptions for product listings based on a wide range of images or product specifications.

By incorporating a powerful generative captioning system, companies that span retail and internet & media can now readily enhance customer assets and foster stronger connections to boost customer loyalty and increase key metrics such as conversion rate, engagement, and average order value.

Generative captioning

Customer spotlight

A Fortune 500 software company that provides creative digital marketing and document management solutions was looking for a single platform to consolidate and unify their data-centric workflows for creating AI data and boosting model performance. The company has been empowering many of their leading cloud products with AI under the hood for many years, which has garnered multiple industry awards and widespread recognition. Using Labelbox’s full suite of tools for generative captioning, they’ve been able to improve both the quality and speed of their listings by 50% and get new AI-enabled products into the market faster.

Enrich your products with  descriptions that convert customers

Enrich your products with descriptions that convert customers

By using foundation models to generate listings, Labelbox provides valuable human-in-the-loop insights into customer preferences, enabling teams to make data-driven decisions that improve customer engagement and retention.

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Accelerate model development by 4x

Accelerate model development by 4x

Delivering generative captioning systems goes beyond data collection — it's about iterative learning, evaluation, and enhancement. Labelbox provides the environment to train models 4X faster, allowing you to compare models across experiments, diagnose model errors, perform robust error analysis, and drive accurate AI outcomes. Generate product listings in minutes to ensure that your models are aligned with human-centric evaluations, guaranteeing trustworthy outcomes for your website or application.

Enrich your data and automate common tasks with LLMs

Enrich your data and automate common tasks with LLMs

Automate data labeling and augmentation tasks with Model Foundry. No-code data enrichment with leading closed-source and open-source LLMs at a fraction of the time and cost allows for rapid development of customer care applications.

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Improve product listings with the world’s best data labeling teams

Improve product listings with the world’s best data labeling teams

A collaborative human feedback platform to generate perfect data with internal experts and world’s most skillful data labeling services with expertise in computer vision, NLP and LLMs.

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Why Trust Labelbox

Accelerate AI alignment

Combine model assisted labeling and human expertise to quickly prepare data for training, testing and validation.


Rapidly integrate data, create quality training data, and deploy models to production.

Generate high quality datasets

Optimize custom labeling and review workflows to ensure the highest quality data for model training and fine-tuning.

Maintain data privacy & security

Keep full ownership, transparency, and control over your data throughout the AI development process.