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Building and testing Labelbox's core set of features

  • 5,000 images / year
  • 3 projects
  • 3 users
  • File upload
  • Community support


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Businesses building production grade machine learning

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Unlimited labeled assets
  • 5+ users & projects
  • Bulk data import
  • Outsourcing services
  • Custom Interfaces
  • On-premise data
  • API access
  • Chat support
  • Standard TOS


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Large teams and enterprises deploying machine learning systems

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Custom projects
  • Custom users
  • Full on-premise
  • Single Sign On
  • Custom TOS & SLA
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Labelbox is free to use for those who attend and teach at qualified educational institutions to use for non-commercial research. You can apply for an education license below.


Commonly asked questions

Can I use Labelbox for outsourced data labeling?

Yes. Labelbox relies on its partner network to provide managed labeling services. To get started, simply share your project with the managed workforce provider of your choice. For sharing projects, no additional seat licenses are used, however, you must have a Labelbox Business tier account to use outsourcing.

Can I use Labelbox with my internal team?

Labelbox is an enterprise solution for all of your team's training data needs, helping your team scale your data labeling process, manage the quality of training data, and improve the performance of machine learning model predictions.

How much do labeling services cost on Labelbox?

Fees for managed labeling services are set by the company rendering the services. Labelbox does not charge any fees associated with labeling services performed on the platform.

Do I need to buy seats for outsourcing partners?

Typically not. You can simply share a project with outsourcing firms who are using Labelbox.

How is my data handled by Labelbox?

The Labelbox Terms of Use describes how Labelbox handles your data. In summary, the data you store on Labelbox is always owned by you, and Labelbox does not share your data with any third party. Under the hood, Labelbox uses Google Cloud Platform to securely host your data.

Does Labelbox support video, text and point clouds?

Labelbox supports image labeling natively and supports video, text, point clouds, and any other data type via custom interfaces. You can build a custom interface in HTML, JS, and CSS and install it on Labelbox to be used for labeling and reviewing.

How to build custom interfaces?

Custom interfaces can be built with any web enabled technology. Here's a tutorial for HTML and JS.

How is Labelbox compared to other products?

Labelbox is training data management software for data science teams building and deploying AI. Labeling data is only part of the process of creating and managing training data. Labelbox differentiates itself by offering a complete enterprise solution to data science teams that enables scaled data labeling (internally and/or with external services), review workflow tools, quality measurement and correction tools, project and data set management, and many other feature essential to building a production grade AI technology stack.