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Solution engagements to transform your data into business outcomes
Fully managed services
AI pipeline engineering
Purpose-built interfaces
Custom model development
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Access the world's best data labeling services, on demand
Highest quality labeling workforce
Industry and language experts
Labelbox dedicated support
LLM and RLHF solutions
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High-quality labels delivered within a day
Quick 2-day turnaround time
Proficient English speakers
Perfect for small teams
In-app labeling review
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Customer spotlight

Dialpad, a leading AI-powered customer intelligence platform company used fine-tuning to build a powerful LLM over five years via five billion minutes of business conversations. The model offers out of the box capabilities to businesses to accurately summarize business calls, extract important insights and offer in-the-moment coaching to sellers and customer reps. Advanced discovery, curation, and annotation capabilities were crucial for building high-quality training datasets. Human evaluation was also critical to ensure quality outcomes before the system was turned live. With Boost, Labelbox enabled this organization to accelerate the creation of the LLM by 75% through rich, integrated capabilities for data preparation and human evaluation.