The most comprehensive training data platform

Labelbox’s fully configurable platform enables teams to create and manage ML training data as quickly as possible. It is built around three core pillars: the ability to Annotate data, Manage people and processes, and Iterate on your results.


Label data quickly and accurately with an intuitive interface and automated labeling workflows.

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Connect all your data, people, and processes through a single platform with a central system of record.

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Accelerate model training and increase performance with faster iterations that integrate seamlessly with your model.

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Fully manage your teams and work

Labelbox’s training data platform also enables disparate teams — both internal and external — to collaborate seamlessly.

All your AI training data in one platform

Labelbox functions as a hub set on top of your data, so you can access multiple datasets and ontologies for all your AI projects. It connects seamlessly to your data store and helps you manage that data more efficiently for model training.

AI Models
  • Quality assurance

  • Error detection

  • Customer personalization

  • Safety monitoring

Training data creation & management
Data lake
Data warehouse & management

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