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Getting started with Labelbox.

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Hybrid & On-prem

Best practices and requirements for configuring hybrid cloud and on-prem deployment models.


Learn how to import data, export data, manage projects, manage quality assurance, and more.

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Learn how to use image segmentation, object detection, image classification, and other useful tools in Labelbox.

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Learn how to use our new Video labeling tools.

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Learn how to use our Natural Language Processing tools: Text classification and Named Entity Recognition.

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Geospatial data

Learn how to use our Tiled Imagery tool to label geospatial data such as map tiles.

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Python SDK

A guide for using the Labelbox Python SDK.

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Data types, how to generate an API key, and code examples.

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Legacy editor

All docs related to the migration from the legacy editor to the new editor.

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Release notes

Updates to our web app and API.

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Terms of use

Terms of Use, Privacy Notice, CCPA Notice, Cookie Notice, and Copyright Dispute Policy

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