LabelboxNovember 30, 2020

5 reasons to attend the Labelbox 2020 Customer Summit

Labelbox is hosting our first ever customer summit on Thursday, December 10th from 9 am to 3 pm PT. The virtual event will feature speakers from across industries, a fireside chat with Labelbox Founder and CEO Manu Sharma, networking opportunities, and much more. Our attendees will come away from the event with:

1. Information on how leading AI teams approach data annotation

The 2020 Summit will offer plenty of opportunities to hear from teams in several industries about how Labelbox fits into their ML workflows. You’ll come away inspired to architect your own team’s annotation workflows to better serve your needs.

2. Ideas on how you can use Labelbox

Attendees will learn more about best practices, tips and tricks, and unique use cases with Labelbox from our customers and engineers — and leave with more ideas on how you can use our tools to make your annotation process more efficient.

3. New connections with your peers in AI and ML

Meeting professionals like you in the AI and ML space and expanding your network can be difficult in our new mostly-remote working environment. At the Labelbox 2020 Summit, we’ll be hosting networking sessions to give attendees a chance to mingle and talk shop.

4. A sneak peek of what’s next for Labelbox

Labelbox Founder and CEO Manu Sharma and Labelbox Director of Product Jing Nie will discuss upcoming features and updates. Don’t miss your chance to learn how you can put them to use!

5. Stories from leading AI experts

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Valerie Fischer of Allstate, Emma Bassein of Blue River Technology, Annie Neligh of Orbital Insight, Mohsen Hejrati of Genentech, and David Borsos of Winnow as they discuss how each of their organizations use Labelbox to power their annotation workflows.