LabelboxDecember 29, 2021

Built for enterprise ML

As ML teams expand and launch new AI initiatives, they have to manage more organizational complexity and need best-in-class enterprise solutions that are flexible, scalable, and secure.

We’re excited to introduce two key features, available in our Enterprise Plan, that provide the control and visibility necessary for effectively scaling AI initiatives across large organizations.

Create dedicated workspaces for separate AI initiatives

Within large organizations, there are often multiple ML teams, business units, or subsidiaries working on varying ML initiatives, sometimes across multiple data domains or applications. For example, a large retail enterprise might have ML initiatives for chat bots to improve customer support and image classification to improve shopping recommendations. These projects would rely on different data, be managed by different teams, and potentially even have different cost centers.

In this case, not only would separating these ML initiatives greatly simplify project management and organization, but it could be necessary for more accurate accounting or for meeting data privacy requirements.

Organizations can now create dedicated Workspaces for each ML initiative’s projects, data, and users within Labelbox. Each Workspace is a unique organization in Labelbox to help enterprises manage all their projects under a single Labelbox management plane.

For large-scale ML teams with multiple business units using Labelbox, this allows a greater degree of security and control over roles and permissions.

  • A Workspace Admin has access to all workspaces and can invite or remove non-Workspace admins to projects
  • A Non-Workspace Admin can only see data, annotations, and projects within the Workspace that they are configured in

Read more about Workspaces in our documentation.

Get a global view of labeling activity with Enterprise Dashboards

The Labelbox Enterprise Dashboard provides a global view of an enterprise’s labeling operations and activity across all their projects. The dashboards can help teams better understand labeling throughput, keep track of annotation volume and labeling costs, and make more accurate projections for timing and budget.

For enterprises looking to run multiple projects across different teams, our Enterprise Dashboard can help break down project-level silos within the greater organization. This feature enables Workforce Admins to:

  • Easily identify trends based on contextual data including date, user, project, or dataset
  • Automatically provide updates to stakeholders by scheduling regular reports that can be shared by email, webhook, or saved directly to your cloud storage
  • Create custom reports by exporting dashboard data as PDF, TXT, or CSV files

Read more about our Enterprise Dashboard in our documentation.

Designed for enterprise

Labelbox is trusted by teams from Global 500 companies and is designed to meet the unique needs of large, sophisticated organizations. Built to empower enterprise data science teams, Labelbox supports flexible and secure cloud hosting, robust compliance programs including HIPAA and SOC2 Type II, and admin tools that offer transparency and complete control over an organization’s ML initiatives. Schedule a demo today to learn more.