LabelboxFebruary 19, 2019

Labelbox February Update

February Product Update: Review Queue, Bulk Export, Signed URLs

Learn how Labelbox can improve the way you manage your training data! What's new?

  • Review Queue - Improves Collaboration
  • Bulk Export - Increases Efficiency
  • Signed URLs - Safely Extends Access to Private Cloud Data

Review Queue

Reviewing labeled data is a quality assurance and collaboration problem solved by Labelbox. To reach state-of-the-art performance, it often takes a dataset with millions of quality labels, whereby reviewing even a portion of those labels may require a whole review team. The collaboration problem is further complicated by that the fact that your review and labeling teams need to be able to work simultaneously on the same project. Labelbox tooling ensures that the collaborative review step is streamlined and transparent.

In the past, delegating labels to be reviewed was a manual time-consuming process prone to repeat work errors. The review queue automatically distributes labeled images and tracks progress. Learn more about review and how to use it in combination with our other automated quality assurance features: benchmarks and consensus.

Bulk Export

Exporting project labels has never been faster! With bulk export you will receive a URL to a JSON file containing all of your project's labels.

Our export API supports batch and real time label exporting. Learn how to configure your export API to fit your unique business needs.

Signed URLs - Private Cloud Data Authorization

Labelbox helps you protect your private cloud data with signed URLs. Signed URLs is a feature that authorizes access to data files by requiring a unique key to verify the identity of the requester. For additional security measures, specify a range of IP Addresses of the users who can access your content. The only data that is passed to Labelbox is the signed URLs not the data files themselves.Amazon S3 signatures stay valid for a maximum of 7 days. To safely extend the duration of access to signed URLs, Labelbox recommends using proxy endpoints. Learn how to generate non-expiring signed URLs so that your trusted and known users can have lifetime authorization access.