LabelboxJuly 9, 2020

Labelbox July Updates

We’re thrilled to share tons of exciting updates with you from the past month!

Video labeling is now available

All Pro and Enterprise users can now import video content into Labelbox and use the editor to classify video frames, detect objects, and track their motion and presence over time. We’ve designed object tracking to save you time by automatically interpolating frames in between manually adjusted keyframes, so you can focus on adjusting the accuracy of your annotations rather than labeling videos frame by frame. As a bonus, we pre-process videos in your labeling and review queue so you won’t spend time waiting for videos to load.

For more on what’s currently supported, learn more here.

Video GIF.gif

Share and copy ontologies between projects

Using the Ontology Manager, users can now rename, copy, and share ontologies between projects! This simplifies the process of creating new projects and managing existing ones, as edits to a shared ontology will reflect across all of its associated projects. For more information, visit our docs here.

Ontology Manager.gif

Label text quickly and intuitively

Our named entity recognition (NER) tool is now available to all customers to trial! During this trial period, you can create up to 10,000 NER annotations without counting towards your account usage. The tool currently supports named entity recognition and overlapping entities. For more information on these annotation tools, please see here.


Stretch out with a wider UI

The interface outside of the editor has been updated with a slight width adjustment. This wider width will allow for more comfortable data browsing. Fonts have also been updated. We continue to make small incremental changes to our UI with the goal of a more pleasant experience within Labelbox.