LabelboxJune 8, 2020

Labelbox May updates

We've made a number of updates to the new Image Editor, let’s dive in!

New and improved labeling analytics

We're excited to announce a few improvements to the performance analytics available for your projects using the new Image editor:

  • Track labeling time and review time separately: see exactly what goes into labeling and reviewing your data, and get more insight on your projects.
  • New charts on the Performance tab: learn about your team's overall performance, see the detailed performance of individual labelers, and compare metrics across labeling and reviewing.

For more details on these metrics and how to use them, please take a look at the updated documentation here.

Real-time human-in-the-loop labeling

The real-time human-in-the-loop (HIL) labeling workflow in the new Image Editor lets you feed a continuous flow of assets to your labelers for annotation, enabling a quick turnaround for your labels. It’s available upon request for Enterprise customers. For more details, take a look at our documentation page.

Streamlined model-assisted labeling

The model-assisted labeling feature on the new Image Editor has a new import format and improved error messaging. Still supporting everything that we had before, this new system unifies the Labelbox data model with the outputs, and allows you to close the loop quickly and easily.

A full detail of the new format can be found on the documentation page.

Benchmarks and Consensus

The new Image Editor now supports our Benchmarks and Consensus QA tools for bounding boxes, segmentation masks, and polygons.

Benchmarks and Consensus can be configured through the Settings Tab > Quality page. For more information, see our documentation for Benchmarks and Consensus

General improvements to the new Image Editor

You can now use shift + s to hide all objects on the image. You can also toggle this in the settings list by checking or unchecking “Show annotations.”

Learning resources

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, Labelbox Academy, to watch the latest short instructional videos of our newest labeling tools. Some of the featured tools include our new video labeling tools, superpixel, QA tools, and many others.