Live webcast (4/24)- How to build world-class AI applications with Labelbox

Apr 15, 2020

We're excited to invite you to our upcoming product webinar: How to build world-class AI Applications with Labelbox.

The virtual event will be held next Friday, April 24 at 10am PST, we'll also send a recorded version to registrants.

During the live webcast, we'll be covering:

  • Some best practices for AI in Production
  • How a training data platform helps you optimize data labeling costs
  • How Labelbox helps AI-focused product leaders get to production faster
  • The specific features that will help you decrease costs, improve automation and collaboration for your ML products and projects.

We will also present an overview of the Labelbox product and provide you the opportunity for you to ask questions at the end of the session.

Register with one click here.


Labelbox is a collaborative training data platform empowering teams to rapidly build artificial intelligence applications.