LabelboxDecember 8, 2020

Labelbox partners with TensorFlow as a leading AI Service Partner to help more enterprises get to production ML

We're delighted to share that we've partnered with TensorFlow. As one of the world's most popular open source machine learning frameworks, with over 100+ million downloads, TensorFlow announced this partnership to focus on empowering more enterprises with AI-based systems to tackle their most challenging business problems.

As a TensorFlow AI Service Partner, we'll be working closely with the TensorFlow team to enable more teams to accelerate their ML projects. This includes regularly sharing insights and product feedback, as well as working together to make enhancements and improvements that specifically address enterprise ML needs.

Labelbox machine learning engineers are already actively guiding our customers – spanning industries such as manufacturing, robotics, retail and beyond – to optimize their annotation workflows before exporting data into Tensorflow for production use. We also use TensorFlow to retrain, optimize, infer, and deploy our own existing internal models.

Since its inception, TensorFlow has enabled teams to power critical parts of their ML development process, from training the model to optimization, validation, and deployment. While TensorFlow's tools and frameworks already provide immense value to the community, the AI/ML landscape has undergone rapid growth and evolution, and we have seen that ML teams still continue to encounter data preparation and training data management as key inhibitors to their progress.

We believe that companies who are earnest in developing AI systems will be looking for best-in-class solutions to tackle this challenge — which is why we're excited to see that TensorFlow also recognizes the impact Labelbox's Training Data Platform has on solving the critical business needs of enterprises.

We’re looking forward to working with TensorFlow to help more companies innovate and grow faster in their AI capabilities. To learn more, read their partnership announcement and visit the TensorFlow AI Service Partners page.