Manu SharmaMarch 30, 2021

Thirtynine.ai has joined Labelbox

I first met Gareth Jones & Matt Sokoloff about two years ago. The two of them and the rest of the team at Arturo.ai were among the first & most advanced users of Labelbox. Gareth and Matt represent a growing community of machine learning engineers developing production AI systems with an emphasis on taking control of their training data. This allows them to get to more accurate results much more quickly.

In late 2020, Gareth and Matt, along with Nasr Maswood, started a new company: Thirtynine.ai - a computer vision startup focused on bringing new insights to the world by processing vast quantities of video and imagery data - often on edge devices. Building any large-scale computer vision systems requires robust training data infrastructure that enables the team to not only create labeled data easily but also iterate quickly. The team was again using Labelbox as training data infrastructure while building additional tools and workflows on top. Brian and I were impressed by what they were building and believe the larger ML community would benefit from their additions. We immediately reached out to ask if they'd consider joining Labelbox.

Our mission is to build the best products for humans to advance artificial intelligence. We are thrilled to welcome Gareth, Matt, and Nasr to help shape that future.