MS COCO (Microsoft Common Objects in Context) dataset

Contributors: Tsung-Yi Lin, Genevieve Patterson, Matteo R. Ronchi, Yin Cui, Michael Maire, Serge Belongie, Lubomir Bourdev, Ross Girshick, James Hays, Pietro Perona, Deva Ramanan, Larry Zitnick, Piotr Dollár
Datarows: 129,467

The MS COCO (Microsoft Common Objects in Context) dataset is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, key-point detection, and captioning dataset.

COCO has several features:

- Object segmentation

- Recognition in context

- Superpixel stuff segmentation

- 330K images (>200K labeled)

- 1.5 million object instances

- 80 object categories

- 91 stuff categories

- 5 captions per image

- 250,000 people with keypoints

Learn more about this dataset here.

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CC BY 4.0 (see more)